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"Walk with me"

I am part of your team that tackles the problem and delivers the strategy. While in the process of working on real-life problems, I seek to develop your team’s capabilities, but also ensure quality of inputs and outputs required for decision making.


"Show me"

I train your team on the approaches, tools and frameworks, applied to real-life problems that they are prepared to share in a group training setting. Examples of programme:

  • Understanding and navigating complexity: Leadership mindsets and behaviours

  • Design-driven innovation in the public sector

  • Leadership programme curation and curriculum development


"Coach me"

To support project teams in gaining self-mastery and confidence required to guide difficult change management, and provide psychological tools for intervention in change management.



"Start conversations"

A quick intervention to point you in the right direction. I review your research, problem-framing and intended action plan, and help you ask the right questions and sharpen your problem definition.

Let's talk

Unlike other consultants, we love to understand your context first before offering any advice or service. This way we can be sure you get what you truly need, tailored to you.