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MindTheSystem equips governments, non-profits and private sector organisations with practices, tools and training to tackle complex problems. We have 20 years of public sector experience with the Singapore government, in futures thinking, systems thinking, design thinking and innovation.

At Pixar, [Ed] Catmull probed both systems and processes, after both wins and stumbles. How should the feedback process, for example, be adjusted so a director is given the most valuable possible input, in a form most likely to be well received?...Catmull saw his job as minding the system rather than managing the projects.

- Safi Bahcall, Loonshots (2019)

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A system for quality decisions

We believe in equipping you with a sustained approach to complex problem-solving, which is a system for quality of decisions.

“How did we arrive at that decision? Should a different mix of people be involved, or involved in a different way? Should we change how we analyse opportunities before making similar decisions in the future? How do the incentives we have in place affect our decision-making? Should they be changed?”

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Growth alongside consulting

We believe in developing your teams to solve complex problems.

Tackling complex challenges is an on-going, infinite game. There is no “end-state” at community-building, education, social services or economic development; only constant improvements and pivots. Consultants who pop in and out might improve certain project outcomes, but your people, who grapple with the challenge on a daily basis, will determine how effective you are going to be. So even as we consult on your project, we focus not just on the solution but also on training your people’s mindset, instinct and behaviours in the process.

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Our 4 systems approach

Affecting systems change is not about command and control, but rather influence. It is possible to make systematic progress, as long as we mind the system of decision-making.

Through years of practical experience, we have broken down the approach to complex problems into 4 systems:

‎▶︎️ System 1: Future Operating Environment. What would our reality look like in the future; what are we solving towards?

‎▶︎️ System 2: Stakeholders. Who is or needs to be involved, and how?

▶︎️ System 3: Purpose. How do we agree on the new future, and take steps towards it?

▶︎️ System 4: The Self. How am I prepared to guide this problem solving and change?

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I am part of your team that tackles the problem, delivers the strategy, while also building your team’s capabilities.


Team training on the tools and frameworks that we use at MindTheSystem, using peer-to-peer coaching on real-life problems.


Self-mastery to implement difficult change management, using cognitive behavioural approaches.


Workshop design and curation, facilitate powerful conversations, theme weaving, panel moderation.

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